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Anger erupts in UK as probe ‘reveals unqualified Malaga expats flying back to UK for highly paid two week placements’ looking after elderly

Anger erupts in UK as probe ‘reveals unqualified Malaga expats flying back to UK for highly paid two week placements’ looking after elderly

82564238.jpgBRITISH expats are flying back to the UK to rake in almost £1,000 per week for looking after the elderly.

An investigation by the Daily Telegraph has revealed how Brits are funding their lives in Spain by taking fortnightly placements taking sole care of the vulnerable.

The carers, the Telegraph said, were also offered free travel and accommodation, are only required to undergo a few days training before they can earn £1,700 in two weeks.

British job agencies are said to search resorts like Benidorm and Malaga for new recruits.

Experts have the said the probe proves there is a “massive crisis” in care of the elderly with a high turnover in the sector.

They also said that they feared many pensioners were receiving the most intimate care from virtual strangers.

The agents boasted of a “huge increase” in the number of expats coming from Spain, of whom many reportedly admitted they did not want to do the job but were attracted by the money.

Age UK director Caroline Abrahams was incensed by the revelations, saying it is “yet another symptom of a crisis in social care.”

Many of the recruits were found to not have any professional qualifications or previous experience of care.

It is believed Brits have been driven to the work by a crippling downturn in the Spanish economy, or to supplement business interests such as bars and restaurants.


Laurence Dollimore

Laurence has a BA and MA in International Relations and a Gold Standard diploma in Multi-Media journalism from News Associates in London. He has almost a decade of experience and previously worked as a senior reporter for the Mail Online in London.

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  1. Post-truth strikes again. If anyone takes in this hokum, they still believe in elves and Father Christmas. Britain is supposed to be overwhelmed by immigrants stealing jobs and driving down wages. But the Colonel Blimp Telegraph wants it both ways. UK care homes are going to the wall one after another, wage bills of this nature would be completely unsupportable.

    • Totally agree, most carers work as companions and do basic duties. Only the most skilled carers, who have specific nursing experience and other qualifications earn the wages mentioned here.

  2. Live-in carers are far from unqualified and in it for the money. Not only do we attend training and go through a rigorous CRB check, we are also expected to do ongoing training, so that we are fully aware of present and up to date policies and procedures. If the reporter for the initial post in The Telegraph could do the maths, they would have realised that most live-in carers work for LESS than the national minimum wage as they are on call 24/7 with a 2 hour break period per day, should cover be available.

    It is such a sad world we live in, when this kind of unsubstantiated diatribe can be published, when the elderly and families of our customers are crying out for professional, caring, support at a most difficult time in their lives. It is one of the most rewarding professions I have ever had the pleasure to be part of.

    I guess the reporter would prefer a world where we as a human race simply stopped caring period, leaving the most vulnerable to suffer alone.

  3. We were expected to pay over £1000 per week for a full time carer via a company, the first one they sent had only been in the country a week, certainly knew nothing about care and couldn’t possibly have been CRB checked !! This was through one of the biggest care agencies in the U.K. Ended up putting her in an up market care home !! Went downhill from day one !! Eventually passed away 3 stones lighter and terribly depressed after weekly complaints from my sister and I

    • The “largest agency in the UK” would have CRB checked the carer, and if that was not possible then that person would simply not be working for that care agency. Why not name the agency, Patricia? When you do that your story will be more believable.

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