madrid arrestsDRUG trafficking arrests have increased sharply in several parts of Andalucia.

Detected crimes shot up 49% in Cordoba and 25% in Sevilla between 2015 and 2016.

The rate also went up in Malaga (5%), Jaen (11%), Almeria (10%) and Granada (4%), according to the latest data from government.

In Cordoba, 130 arrests were made in the nine months of 2016 against 94 in 2015.

It follows a series of targeted campaigns in the province during 2016 to tackle the issue.

In Sevilla, there were 307 arrests, up from 245 the previous year.

Malaga saw 655 detained, with 625 in 2015.

A government spokesman put the increase in arrests down to ‘exceptional work’ although he didn’t explain if this was due to increased police success or if more crimes are being committed.

He also insisted that more aggressive policing was needed on the Costa del Sol, where he said combatting drug trafficking was more problematic.

He said this was due to the existence of a ‘floating population without documentation.’

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