landfill-879437_640RECYCLING rates are ‘stagnating’ in Spain despite an EU campaign.

Only 6% more household waste was being repurposed in 2014 than in 2004, bringing the total up to 33%.

The figures were published by the European Environment Agency, which has tasked EU countries to recycle at least 50% by 2020.

Spain lags behind at 14th in the EU-wide rankings, which are topped by Germany, Austria and Belgium.

Addressing Spain, the report said: “The percentage of recycling is stagnating.

“Spain needs to accelerate its efforts if it wants to comply with the objective of 50% by 2020.”


  1. Good luck getting the third world of Europe to engage in anything environmental and basic such as waste management. If it means cost and actually using the taxes for good, the corrupt officials of the Spanish government will arrogantly just ignore it and it will be “mañana mañana” like with anything else in Spain. For the record Spain has already been dragged to court over failure to clean up all their illegal landfills, source:

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