SLAIN: Domingo
SLAIN: Domingo

THE mayor of a small Granada town has spoken of her ‘revulsion’ at the execution of a local expat’s rescue dogs.


Práxedes Moreno Urrutia, of Caniles, spoke out after reading the shocking account of Illona Mitchell’s animals in the Olive Press last issue, which was later followed up in the UK and across Spain (see page 6).


“I have to express my total revulsion,” she said in a statement, “I hope the culprits pay for this.

“I, like the majority of Canileros, are lovers of animals and in my house we have a dog who we treat like a member of the family.”


Mayor of Caniles
Mayor of Caniles

She added: “If it is revealed that the culprit is from Caniles, I will publicly ask for forgiveness on my behalf and on the behalf of all Canileros.”


Expat Mitchell claims that five dogs shot and a horse attacked was instigated by hunters.


Police have already interviewed several hunters and the investigation continues.


“Since your story they are really looking into it,” Mitchell told the Olive Press, “I would have liked them to have started sooner, but at least something seems to be being done now.”


The dogs who survived the attack are still visibly shaken.


“Molly, whose puppy was killed, isn’t eating because she’s still traumatised,” added Mitchell, “I don’t think they will ever be the same.”


  1. Before anybody gets on their high horse, most Spanish oppose unnecessary animal torture!
    (like bullfighting etc etc blah blah blah)

    hope these guys pay! taking someone’s pet’s life is horrendous!

    I talked to a guy once who said he used to shoot cats.. people’s PETS! like their children to most

    this was a rescue dog!! rescued from a bad life!

  2. Only a particular kind of people are able to do such a mess. How many police force does the mayor counts on? For sure they already know who of their neighbors have antecedents. If not, is Guardia Civil´s task. Why the owner of the state learn what the unwriten laws were and are in respect on trespassing? Maybe if she allow some trespassing they will respect the property as with the last owner, otherwise they will be facing a long disgusting war.

      • Customs, tradition and Natural law. What difference does it make if people cross your property as long as not harm is involved but your pride? Out of personal experience, let il be, if any harm is involved then act.

          • Then, get the documented proofs and report to the authorities, in writing. Whenever people stroll by the countryside don´t like to see menazing signs and they don´t litter, cut wired fences etc…If any of the propietors of “cortijos” did the same it´d be a treat to do some walking. follow the customs of the place. Maybe that´s one of the reasons why you had to leave Kenya.

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