10 Feb, 2017 @ 11:30
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Spanish businesses furious at ‘€785 million’ loss due to sanctions on Russia

Vladimir Putin  e

vladimir_putin-6SPANISH entrepreneurs are furious that trade between Russia and Spain has halved since the EU imposed crippling sanctions on Vladimir Putin’s government.

Russian Ambassador to Spain Yuri Korchagin said the trading volume between the two countries has dropped by €13 billion since 2013.

“I have not met a single businessman who would say something in favour of the sanctions. I am sure that the business is not interested in its interests taken hostage by the political situation,” he said.

Korchagin added that Spain’s sanctions-related losses have so far totaled €785 million.

The sanctions were introduced by Brussels in response to Russia’s interference in the political crisis in Ukraine.

Elsa Maishman (Reporter)

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  1. Heaven forbid that “business men” should be inconvenienced by something as trivial as a criminal annexation of part of someone’s country. Just as short-sighted really, as the sale of fighter bombers by Britain to Saudi Arabia, to use on Yemen. Lucre truly is filthy.

  2. Dividing Europe to his political advantage is big part of Putin’s strategy. The question is will the short sighted historic fighting among European nations work to his advantage.

  3. That’s your view Chas, there is another view. That since 1945 the American elite have had a paranoid view that Russia is a threat to their interests. The USA went mental when Khrushchev was going to install nuclear weapons in Cuba.

    Fast forward to the disintegration of the USSR, helped on it’s way by Reagan and Thatcher deliberately depressing the price of oil, to the real detriment of the British people with it’s top grade Brent oil selling for the ludicrous price of $10 pb.

    The USA did everything to destabilise Russia and had a major hand in using the drunken fool Yeltsin to rip-off vast assets from the ordinary Russian people – that’s not an opinion that’s a fact. The American elite wanted to totally loot Russia as they have Central and South America – the invasion of Guetemala in 54 and the execution of it’s democratically elected government because they had the temerity to challenge the power of American fruit companies. The CIA engineered overthrow of Allende’s Chile and the mass murders that followed. The infamous Contras and their horrendous crimes in Central American countries. The arming of the Taliban and Bin Laden and an end to the only real freedom of Afghan women when the Russians left Afghanistan. The CIA funding their ops. through heroin trafficking from the Golden Triangle – it goes on and on, not forgetting the use of napalm and Agent Orange on virgin rainforests in Vietnam and Cambodia.

    When Putin appeared on the scene he began to give back to the Russian people their pride that had been trampled in the dirt. Is he corrupt yes, has he helped to resurrect the degenerate Russian Orthodox church, yes. Now why has he protected Russia’s borders because the USA has set up a series of missile sites throughout Eastern Europe – has he threatened nuclear war as the degenerate Kennedy did – no.

    NATO is and always was an American tool for their use. If there is to be a war the American elite want it fought in Europe not in North America. The CIA funded the overthrow of the Ukraine regime, not because it was corrupt but because it’s president favoured Russia not America.

    The totally unjustified invasion of Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 but American business and geo-political interests. America along with it’s bitch, the UK is completely responsible for the horrors of the Middle East- Is Russia and Putin a threat to Western Europe no but American commercial interests are – TTIP was a blatant attempt to conquer Western Europe without actually American weapons.

    Though the media in Europe is controlled by the corrupt elites the b/s is’nt working anymore, only on the brainwashed and their numbers are getting thinner by the day. That America could by whatever means elect a snake oil salesman with a huge bloated ego shows the whole world where the danger really lies.

  4. Divide and rule is also part of Trump’s strategy, which is why he’s so keen to see the spread of Brexit-type action right across Europe. No wonder Trump is so keen to pal up with his crooked alter-ego.

  5. OP. In reference to your posting regarding offensive comments:- Quote, “We do not condone offensive comments of any kind and will result in users being blocked”.

    Would you class this as being offensive, if not what do you class as being offensive?. I hope you post this as a reminder to others that are offensive, not only to me but to others. Thank you.

    Fred 8 Feb, 2017 @ 23:02 at 23:02
    Carlos, your post is a new low for you, and that’s saying something. What right do you have to tell people where they can live? Answer: none. It’s easy to see your mentality – bitterness, jealousy, and a hatred for your fellow man. One wonders what happened to you to suffer from such hatred.
    BTW. I can also forward my reply which was not offensive in any way, which could have been.

    • Missing the point old chap. No one cares about you being personally offended. Look again, your delicate feelings don’t come under any of the OP criteria of offensiveness.

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