Oakley_sunglasses_model_in_blueOn the 27th of February, Kylie Minogue launched her first ever eyewear
collection exclusively at Specsavers, which combine elegance and edginess, reflecting Kylie’s own personal sense of style.

We wanted to mark this launch with answering some questions on how you can look amazing in glasses too.

  1. What things should I consider when choosing a pair of glasses?
  2. Consider your face shape, colouring and style. Different style glasses will suit different face shapes and by choosing colours that match your hair colour and skin type, you can find the
    glasses which complement you perfectly.

Think of your glasses as an extension of your wardrobe and an accessory to dress your face! This way you will complement your fashion sense with your glasses choice and set off your look perfectly.

  1. What colour frames would work with blonde hair and fair skin?
  2. Try lightweight styles with delicate colour effects.

Experiment with colours that add warmth to your skin tone. Avoid dark, heavy styles, cold colours such as blues and greens, and light-coloured metals.

Q How can I tell if glasses are the right size for me?

  1. Glasses come in different sizes just like clothes and Kylie’s range includes several styles in petite sizes.

Try out our Digital Precision Eyecare to ensure a perfect fit.

This is a cutting edge new way of selecting and fitting customers’ glasses, using imaging software on tablet devices.

This is very clever kit and gets customers much more involved with the frames and lens selection.

Specsavers staff are fully trained to offer style advice on the latest trends and styles to suit all face shapes and help make glasses wearers look and feel great.

Kylie’s range of 24 pairs of glasses and four prescription sunglasses are available as part of the two pairs with single vision lenses for €129 offer and are in all stores from February 27.

To find your nearest store visit www.specsavers.es

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