Petition created to give all expats vote in June 8 general election
Petition created to give all expats vote in June 8 general election

A PETITION has called for all expats to be given a vote in the upcoming general election.

France resident Chris Madsen is behind the new campaign, which has gained several thousand signatures in less than 24 hours.

She launched it in response to the news that those who have been living abroad for more than 15 years will again not be able to vote in the June 8 election despite a promise last year by the government to overturn the rule.

“We believe that it was wrong of the UK to have disenfranchised its own citizens in this way at such a time, especially since it had previously been announced that the 15-year rule was due to be abolished,” wrote Madsen on the petition site

“That rule (of no vote) might not be unreasonable in the case of a local council election but in the recent referendum it prevented many of the very people whose lives would be most greatly affected from having a say in their own future.

“And in the coming general election, those same people will be excluded again.”

David Cameron first pledged to abolish the 15-year rule in September 2014, and it formed part of the Conservative manifesto.

The Government confirmed its intention to ditch it through the publication of a policy statement last October called Democracy that Works for Everyone.

To sign the petition, click here.

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  1. Nice sentiment but not going to change anything for the June election. The current bill to grant voting rights to all UK citizens living abroad is timed for the 2020 election and cannot pass through both houses before parliament is dissolved in early May.

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