A sandcastle on Magaluf beach
A sandcastle on Magaluf beach

BRITS caught building ‘unauthorised sand structures’ in Magaluf will be fined €100 on the spot. 

It comes after Calvia Council, which includes neighbouring areas like Santa Ponsa, listed 109 infringements in a bid to ‘clean up’ the resort that is popular among young partying Brits.

Picking flowers, drinking straight from a public water fountain and pouring away dirty water near trees will also incur the hefty fine.

Boxing and arm wrestling machines have also been outlawed to try and ‘improve the aesthetics of the area’.

While some of the new infringements, including the scaling of balconies, are understandable to locals, many have said the authorities are focusing their attention in the wrong area, claiming that prostitution and ‘mugging gangs’ still run rife with nothing seeming to be done about it.

“Will the aesthetic prostitutes/mugging gangs and [street-sellers] be affected? I doubt it!” a local wrote on Facebook.

Calvia Council began its ‘clean-up’ campaign in 2014, promising to turn Magaluf into a ‘mature tourist zone’ and to get rid of any ‘public disorder’.

Despite this, the resort has continued to attract thousands of partying Brits and other Europeans each summer.


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