SPAIN’S healthcare has been ranked among the top ten in the world.

The Healthcare Access and Quality Index (HAQ), studied the quality of healthcare in 195 countries by measuring mortality rates from causes that should not be fatal in the presence of effective medical care.

In the study, the number of deaths from some 32 diseases and conditions were analyzed between 1990 to 2015.

Spain scored 90 out of 100, placing it 8th, and putting it above the likes of the Italy (89), France (88), Greece (87), Germany (86), the UK (85) and Portugal (85).

Andorra came first with 95, followed by Iceland on 94 and Switzerland on 92 points.

The UK and US came 30th and 35th respectively.

The study concluded that nearly all countries saw an improvement in their ratings, with the average score increasing by 40.7 points.

Spain scored the maximum points in its treatment of diptheria, tetanus and measles.

It scored the worst for treatment of Hodgkins Limphoma (64 points), Leukemia (66), gallbladder disease (74) and skin cancer (74).


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  1. If anyone can make any sense out of this let me know. It scored the worst for treatment of Hodgkins Limphoma (64 points), Leukemia (66), gallbladder disease (74) and skin cancer (74).
    In a country that is known for the sun and it scores the worst for skin cancer! Why didn’t they score for the waiting list problem up to a year to see a Doctor specialist. Sorry not a good survey to judge the Spanish health system.

  2. diptheria, tetanus, measles, Hodgkins Limphoma, Leukemia: Not the diseases that the general European patient is diagnosed when visiting a doctor or hospital!

    Just as well the authors of this study could have asked for plague, cholera, ebola and malaria.

    In Europe it’s hard to get an appointment or treatment when suffering from Asthma, diabetes, influenca, accident, hospital bug or Arrhythmia – to name some of the most common diseases.

  3. In my experience living in Valencia for 5 years, it was utter crap. They treated my pain in my abdomen as a problem in my colon, my lack of smell and inability to breath they deemed as not down to nasal polyps and my air way was clear. I returned to the UK and the first second my doctor looked at me he saw I had a hernia. He also saw that my nose had the largest polyps he had ever seen. So there ya go. If you are in a hospital a member of your family has to do what a nurse in the UK will do. As most people have to work 12 hour days in Spain it is quite common for the family to pay a sitter, this is usually a person on the labour black market from south America who is paid an absolute pittance to sit by the hospital bed. I have family from Venezuela living in Spain that had been forced to do this.

  4. My good UK friend had a lesion that would not heal on his face. The general physician without a lab test sent him to a cancer specialist. They in turn ordered 3 expensive tests for several different malignancies in Gijón.
    In the end the correct diagnosis came from a Dutch woman who runs a shelter for abandoned donkeys.
    As she surmised, it was cat scratch disease caused by Bartonella henselae bacteria, one of the most common bacteria in the world, contracted by a scratch when he took in a very young kitten abandoned by the mother before it had gotten immunity from the mother’s milk.
    All this ‘great medicine’ cost several thousand euros, when an ordinary anti-bacterial would have done the trick.
    I put the article’s claims for top Spanish health care next to ‘good housing investment’ and ‘rising job market’.

  5. I ask me shelf if we are missing the point that the health care system is only a link of the chain of the wellness of the people. More important that to have many good hospitals with skillfull doctors and nurses can import not be an obese ,an adicct to drugs, an alcoholic, etc.Socrates in the Republic of Plato, spoke about Gymnastic as a mix of diet, exercise and medicine. We, poor specialists of the Western world seems incapable of a vision so wide as the Greeks.

  6. Meanwhile in the UK…
    “NHS crisis: 20 hospitals declare black alert as patient safety no longer assured”
    “Huge rise in UK diabetes cases threatens to bankrupt NHS, charity warns”
    “NHS ‘waving white flag’ as it axes 18-week waiting time operation target”

  7. I had sepsis, perotinitis, bowels cut, stomach cut open, 8 operations, in hospital 7 months. coma, intensive care , what caused all this ? a simple little umbilical hernia op which was a day op.
    ended up in a wheelchair for a year. I am sort of ok now. this is the uk

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