A BULLFIGHTING fiesta thought to have been granted a reprieve faces a total ban in Mallorca.

The controversial correbou, which takes place every September in Fornalutx, was originally thought to have been spared from new Balearic animal rights laws set to come in.

BULL BAN: Correbour at risk
BULL BAN: Correbou at risk

However, under the new changes the organisers must prove that it has been celebrated uninterrupted for at least a century, the minimum timescale to avoid a ban.

Fornalutx mayor Antoni Aguiló believes this will be impossible to prove within the 30-day deadline set.

The new laws, set to be approved this summer, will ban the killing or injuring of bulls, as well as the user of bullfighters on horseback.

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  1. Hard to believe that so many sadists (as in this illustration) can turn up in Fornalutx to salivate over the torture of a dumb animal. (Dumb because he has no way to object) Also, what the hell has a hundred year precedent have to do with a decision to halt this barbarity in modern Spain?

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