POLICE in Mallorca have arrested two Brits over an alleged holiday sickness scam.

The pair were picked up in Alcudia after allegedly trying to convince holiday makers to lie about getting food poisoning while staying at the holiday resort.

CRACKDOWN: Two arrested over alleged scam

Guardia Civil swooped on the pair in what is believed to be the first arrests of their kind in Spain, with authorities determined to get tough on a practice which costs the tourist industry millions each year.

“They were capturing clients so they could allegedly make false claims from hotels they were staying in. They were doing this in the street and doors of hotels,” a Guardia Civil spokesperson said.

Mallorca has seen a 700% rise in false claims since 2013.

Last month, the head of Mallorca’s main hotelier group vowed to the Olive Press that they would seek criminal charges against anyone found to be making false claims


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