Missing: Lisa Brown

THE sister of missing Scottish expat Lisa Brown has vowed to find the truth behind her disappearance. 


Helen Jordan, 50, added that the family will never quit until those responsible are behind bars.
It comes after Spanish TV channel La Sexta aired a documentary about the case last week, and two months after suspect and ex-lover of Lisa, Simon Corner, was released on bail after paying €10,000.
“We are Lisa’s voice now and we her family will never stop pushing for answers,” Jordan told the Olive Press.
“Its for the safety of your community also that we need to let people know she’s still missing and the people that know where she is are living normal lives among you.

“These people are walking your streets and are dangerous.”


Lisa, 32, went missing on November 4, 2015, from her home in Guadiaro, with Corner going on the run shortly afterwards.


Police fear she was murdered at the home before her body was thrown out to sea.


Cops have not ruled out that she may have been buried on land.


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