POLICE have arrested five medical staff for issuing bogus prescriptions.

The suspects are thought to have used fake prescriptions for real patients to obtain medicine used in IVF treatment.

IVF: Medical staff arrested in joint raids

The gang are believed to have sold on the medicine they obtained for half the price, costing some €230,000 to Spain’s Social Security.

As well as the head of a Palma clinic, three medical staff in Barcelona and one in Sevilla were also detained.

They are accused of fraud, falsifying documents, revealing medical secrets and belonging to a criminal gang

The group also stand accused of crimes against public health by ignoring medical requirements for posting drugs.

Guardia Civil officers are now trying to locate 200 people who bought the IVF drugs to see if they suffered any ill effects.

So far, they have uncovered 450 fake prescriptions that have been used to send 775 packages of IVF drugs.

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