HE’S taken aim at ISIS, Russia, the US press corps and the Muslim world in his first six months as US president.

But now Donald Trump has a new foe in his sights – the humble Spanish olive.

DONALD’S DILEMMA: Trump takes aim at Spanish olives

The controversial American leader’s administration believes Spain may be benefitting from unfair subsidies that allow it to sell the product at a cut-down price.

The US Department of Commerce is now launching a ‘full and fair investigation of the facts’

“The United States is committed to a free, fair and reciprocal trade with Spain,” a statement from US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said.

It comes after a California group, the Coalition for Fair Trade in Ripe Olives, complained Spanish companies were undercutting American companies.

The US International Trade Commission (ITC) is also due to file a report on August 7 examining whether Spanish olive companies are harming US firms.

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  1. Not quite sure what they mean when they tag D.Trump with the word “controversial”. Is he wrong to confront Isis, Russia, the US press corps and the Muslim world. Is he wrong in building a wall between the USA and Mexico whereas many EU countries have already built walls whether physically or through paybacks. Is he wrong when he states undercutting and dumping is not fair trading. Is he wrong in stating America first when all other countries put their country first.
    Whatever he does is right by me if he is protecting America, a lesson learned from the backstabbing EU.

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