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Gang arrested over ton of olives filched in Spain’s Antequera

AN olive-stealing gang have been caught red-handed in Antequera, leading to eight arrests and a ton of olives seized. The arrests are the fruit of...

Concerns over olive oil price hike in Spain as production halved

The olive, which has always been a symbol of the Mediterranean, is now starting to represent the harsh challenges of living in a hotter,...


OLIVES and Spain! Spain and olives! It’s no surprise to those of us who live here that the two are virtually synonymous. Chances are...

Olive farmers in Andalucia face ‘biblical plague’ that could wipe out next season’s harvest

OLIVE Farmers in Cordoba have warned that a 'never seen before' plague of leaf-eating moths could spell disaster for next season's harvest. The Union of...

Farmer arrested after dumping DEAD worker in hospital who’d had heart attack during his first day picking olives in...

He is then reported to have left him and fled, after which a doctor realised that the man he had dropped off was dead

Report warns 20% of Spain’s olive farms could disappear within a decade

MORE than 240,000 Spanish olive estates could vanish in the next 10 years. Olive oil giant Deoleo has warned that international competition and the stagnation...

Outrage as MILLIONS of birds slaughtered by intensive olive farming before being served as TAPAS in Spain’s Andalucia

Millions more songbirds get vacuumed into machinery during intensive night-time harvesting across Spain and Portugal

OLIVE WATCHERS: Spain’s Civil Guard to make surprise visits to olive oil factories after weigh-in controversies

It will serve to dispel doubts that have always existed on the part of farmers who are going to weigh their fruit after a hard day of harvesting

British expat wins top UK food awards for Andalucia made balsamic vinegars

Creator of Fino Olive Oil, Susie Taylor, has won two prizes at this year’s UK Great Taste Awards for her Cordoba products

The EU calls out the US’s decision to impose new high tariffs on Spanish olives

THE European commission has slammed the new high tariffs imposed on Spanish olives by the US as ‘simply unacceptable’. It comes as the US Department...

Andalucian olive farmers face increase in tariffs after American trade deal

OLIVE farmers in Andalucia are facing tariffs on up to 25% of their exports following a series of trade levies by US president Donald...

Olive stealing gang busted in Malaga posed a serious health risk to the public

A GANG dedicated to stealing olives in Malaga has been dismantled by Spanish police.  Around 30 people are suspected of raiding olive farms and plots...

Oil you need to know about Andalucia’s ‘liquid gold’

Andalucia produces 73% of Spain's olive oil

Donald Trump takes on Spanish olive industry over ‘unfair’ subisdies

US Department of Commerce launching ‘full and fair investigation of the facts’

World’s largest olive oil company in Spain lost €179 million last year

A lower harvest due to a bacteria outbreak could be partly to blame

Olive farmers form vigilante groups to stop criminal gangs poaching their produce

The national farmers union says they will do all they can to defend their stock

Spain-China ‘silk train’ to export food

The ‘silk train’ currently transports electronic and retail goods between the two countries

It’s oil good border enterprise

They say money doesn’t grow on trees, and they’re right. But olives do

Global warming is pushing Spain’s climate closer to that seen in North Africa

With average temperatures expected to rise by as much as five degrees by 2050, Spain’s universally appreciated crops could be in serious jeopardy

Fun olive facts

A few fun facts about olives to pull out at the next pub quiz

Spanish olive farmers feel the squeeze from supermarkets

Competition from emerging countries has also contributed to a 50 per cent drop in market value

Record harvest of olives needed to weather the storm

This year's bumper crop could could prove vital after low rainfall and frost damages predictions for the coming year

The hunt for liquid gold in Spain

As the olive picking season gets in full swing and three Andalucian olive oil producers are installed in the world’s best, Wendy Williams takes a look at what makes a good olive oil

On the up for olives

Healthy Mediterranean snack now set to pip the peanut with UK consumers

Hard harvest

Andalucia's farmers left counting the cost of the wettest December for half a century




Four teenagers who ‘threw rocks on cars travelling on the A-7 motorway in Spain’s Marbella’ are quizzed by police

A GROUP of teenagers caused chaos in Marbella on Monday morning by throwing rocks from an overpass at cars driving along the motorway. The gang,...


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