TURNING Palma’s Paseo de Maritimo into a pedestrianised boulevard will cost €8 million, the city’s Mayor Antoni Noguera has revealed.

The plan would see the road from Monsenyor Palma to the Auditorium turned into a tree-lined walkway.

WALK THIS WAY: Proposed new boulevard to cost €8 million

One lane of traffic would be shaved off each side of the road, giving much more space for pedestrians along the seaside thoroughfare.

“The idea is to make a boulevard lined with lots of trees and that is spacious, which now is a major road with six lanes,” said Noguera.

“It can be turned into a civic axis that can increase the value of the the city and the port.”

Town Hall officials are now in talks with port authorities to see if they can finance the project.

The president of the port authority, Joan Gual, has assured Noguera that money will not be a problem for the project.

“Between the Town Hall and the port we are capable of doing it,” said Gual.

“We will agree because we have a lot of business interests together. This is a priority because we have spent too many years talking about it.”

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