THE Balearic Islands’ parliament has banned harming or killing bulls during bullfights.

But Madrid has warned the Spanish government may fight the new law in Spain’s Constitutional Court.

BULL BAN: Balearic Islands prohibits killing or injuring bulls

Spain’s Constitutional Court had previously ruled the country’s autonomous regions did not have the power to ban bullfights outright.

But with some 30 Balearic towns opposing bullfighting, the new measures have been welcomed by Humane Society International (HSI) director general Joanna Swabe.

“Taunting and killing bulls for entertainment is a brutal anachronism and so this is a very satisfying victory for compassionate policy making,” said Swabe.

“Rather than allow the Constitutional Court ruling to stand in the way of ending the cruel spectacle of bullfighting in the region, a cross-party group of politicians got creative to effectively ensure that the torture of bulls for public entertainment is relegated to the annals of history on the Balearic Islands.”

She added: “This vote shows a full ban is not strictly necessary to end the practice of bullfighting, and that compassion can win the day.”

New legislation states only three bulls rather than six should be introduced to the ring, with each animal only in the ring for ten minutes.

Horses are also to be banned from Balearic bullfights, with alcohol consumption also prohibited.Yesterday, Miquel Jerez of the Partido Popular rejected the new Balearic law.

“The national government has warned that nine of the fourteen articles in the legislation are unconstitutional,” he said.

In 2016, the Balearic Islands parliament voted to ban bullfighting and bull fiestas.

The Spanish Constitutional Court’s decision to overturn Catalunya’s 2010 bullfighting ban had delayed the bill’s passing.

An 2013 HSI poll showed only 29% of Spaniards were in favour of bullfight

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  1. excellent………..this needs to be more wide spread and a total ban put in place. they can then banish these backward cowardice morons they call matadors back to the middle ages where they belong or put them back under the stones they have crawled out from

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