OUTRAGED Mallorca residents are demanding action against two local farmers they claim are mistreating sheep.

It comes after 20 badly malnourished sheep were allegedly found by Guardia Civil officers at the farm of Sa Indioteria farmer, Toni Feliu, although the animals have not been seen since, neighbours claim.

ACTION URGED: Locals anger at sheep mistreatment

A denuncia against the farmer lists ‘a lack of shade, water and the presence of a dead animal’ among various infringements.

“The sheep were simply removed one night since and we don’t know anything about these poor animals,” a local resident told the Olive Press.

Meanwhile, in Lloseta, campaigners claim a second farmer is separating ill and old sheep from the rest of the flock and leaving them to die without food.

According to the Animal Association of the Balearics (ASSAIB) the sheep were left unsheared in the heat wave, ‘with nowhere to shelter and without food or water’.

The group said their plight had been dealt with by local residents who brought a little food.

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