MARBELLA tourism chiefs are cracking down on ‘savage’ brit tourists.

Under new rules, revellers who exhibit drunk and disorderly behaviour could could be slapped with hefty fines.

To nip the problem in the bud, they have threatened to revoke licences from businesses which encourage the unruly behaviour.

Security official Javier Porcuna, said in a press conference last month: “We are not talking about controls which go further than what the council can do, but there are types of licences which are absolutely discretionary and we will assess if they are contributing to the improvement of the Puerto Banus ‘product’ or if they are taking a step backwards.”

Tourism professor Josep-Francesc Valls, from ESADE Business School, condemned those who walk around without a shirt or in a bathing suit and cause damage to the streets during drunken brawls.

He added that such ‘acts of savagery’ must be punished if Spain’s tourist destinations are to thrive.

Many blame the increasingly low priced flights and holidays to Marbella and nearby Puerto Banus.


  1. Police should prepare their databases to connect to future visa systems. Then it will not matter how cheap the flight is. As a matter of fact, I know more “poor” people with natural class than “rich”. Just fines will not be a solutions. Those who have will only laugh about it. Keep track of misbehaviour. Misbehaviour is when police needs to interfere. Because then you cost more than you bring. Make a blacklist. Then one year no visa, or ten. Even when flights and hotels are for free.

    I have avoided Puerto Banús in summer for the last ten years. It just gets taken over. By trash.

  2. it makes me laugh how these uneducated poor reporters spout off with there ill informed information sources and always blame the Brits…..very lame and poor reporting…the sorts that are coming to Puerto Banus who are the Tacky wannabe bunch that follow the terrible TOWIE……The Olive press actually promote these half wits to attract them here so the paper writing the bad reports are partly responsible for attracting them………anyway the main point is just because they speak English doesn’t mean they are, therte is an element that are British but only a small percentage………if a cow is born in a stable it doesn’t make it a horse.

  3. Unfortunately it’s a common world wide problem when you get a crowd that’s got plenty of money to spend, get far too much alcohol inside them & as a result they feel & act as though they own the place & show nobody any respect. Sadly authorities are then forced to take actions that can affect everyone both the good & the bad guys.

  4. As per the vandalism, drunken Street fights, disruption, ‘relations of an intimate nature’ for all to see and in public eyesight then yes sanctions should be due to the individuals. As per walking about shirtless or in a bikini then I can’t see harm if on say the promenade or close proximity within such. I understand businesses not wanting half naked shoppers in their stores and especially in shops selling food as it’s unsanitary. Repeat offenders should be registered perhaps?

  5. Spoilt a…. holes – yes – but hey Marbella powers that be – you can’t have it both ways! You promote attraction to a certain kind of lifestyle type so why complain when you get what you have been trying to attract and then realise what so many others have known for so long? …

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