ECOLOGISTS from the Balearic Islands have called for an investigation into the alleged illegal dumping of burned plastic in the sea around Palma.

Referring to it as a ‘potential ecological crime’, a GOB spokesperson said there was ‘no evidence’ of proper analysis carried out on the material used in building work at Palma Port.

PLASTIC: Environmentalists calls for investigation

It comes after the Olive Press broke the exclusive story that recycling plant Tirme, Palma Port Authority and Mallorca Council could face penalties over the alleged use of the burned plastics.

Last month, the government called for proof from Tirme and local authorities that its use was permitted.

But last night, a spokesperson for GOB referred to the ‘persistent presence of half-burned plastics on nearby beaches’.

A spokesperson said: “We consider that pouring them [molten slags] directly into the sea represents a serious risk to ecosystems and human health.

“Last June, the GOB requested the suspension of the sludge dumping for the expansion of the Moll de Ponent and the removal of the landfill material.

“Mallorca Council has stopped the spillage, but the material is still in the water and we have no guarantee whatsoever of the material already there.”

The spokesperson added: “[This] could potentially be considered an ecological crime due to the presence of plastics that are spilled at sea.”

The GOB now wants Spain’s public prosecutor to intervene and investigate the claims.

The hard-hitting statement also said the use of such molten slags could be ‘a risk to ecosystems and human health’.

This month, bathers as far away as Ibiza and Alicante have reported burned plastics washing up on the shore.

More burned plastics have been appearing around Palma this week, local residents told the Olive Press.


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