Irish PM

IRISH Prime Minister Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has blasted the UK’s approach to Brexit negotiations for being ‘unrealistic’.

Speaking to Bloomberg, the newly elected PM said not enough progress has been made during the talks to open up discussions to trade this autumn.

He admitted that some progress had been made around the question of the Irish border – which he insists must remain open after the UK leaves the EU – but said more needed to be done before talks could be broadened out.

“We’re not satisfied with the progress that has been made so far,” Varadkar said. “We hope more progress can be made, but to date progress has not been sufficient.”

It comes a day after Slovenian Prime Minister Milo Celar said  a lack of progress meant the European Council would block any decision to open up the talks to include trade – something which businesses are eager to see amid fears of a ‘cliff edge’ if agreements aren’t in place in time.

Varadkar went on to say during his interview this morning that he was ‘confused and puzzled’ about the UK’s position.

He said it was as if Britain wants all the benefits of being in the EU without paying any of the costs or holding any responsibilities towards the bloc.

“That’s not a realistic position,” he said. “What trade agreement does the U.K. want with the EU? At the moment, they have the best trade deal imaginable. What are these better deals the U.K. really wants from Europe and other countries? Some more clarity would be helpful.”

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  1. What a mess. The UK government have been told countless times, no future trade talks until sufficient progress has been made on the exit fee, the Irish border and citizens’ rights. What part of that don’t they understand?

    Unless the UK government gets its act together fast, it is in for the mother of all humiliations and the proverbial cliff edge. If they had any sense, they would at the very least try and join the EEA as soon after March 2019 as possible – provided Norway and other members will have them of course.

  2. The EU must solve this empasse! They must allow trade talks and keep commerce flowing in each direction BEFORE trying to fine the UK for daring to leave. If the EU had got itself sorted and its accounts on a sound footing the UK would not be leaving.

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