A ‘GARDEN gnome’ has forced a road closure outside the government’s Palma HQ.

GNOME LAUGHING MATTER: Cops cordon off road over 30cm figurine

Police sniffer dogs and the bomb squad were alerted after a man left the 30 cm clay figurine outside the Consell Insular.

The little man led to the street being barricaded off by cops.

Francisco Covas, a security guard at the government buildings, told police he saw a ‘rather unkempt-looking’ man leave the garden gnome and flee.

After seeing the suspect, Covas immediately placed a ‘Caution’ sign next to the figurine and called police.

“I was quite scared, you can’t be too careful”, he said.

Two members of Palma’s bomb squad checked the wee figurine out and verified he was not a threat before roads were reopened 20 minutes later.

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