THIS summer every tourist town saw a boost of rental bicycles, many of which came in new shapes and sizes, and many of which were unwanted.

The Segway has been growing in popularity over the last few years; even Calvia police officers ride around on them.

BAN?: Locals complain about Segways

This year the electric chopper bike is on everybody’s to do list. The low and long-style bike resembles a child’s version of a Harley Davidson.

Locals across the island have been complaining of noise and overcrowding this season. Many paths aren’t wide enough for mobs of teenagers that think they look cool.

There are rarely instructions given on local road etiquette before visitors fly off down the road with their rentals. “It’s the overuse of the horns I find irritating!” Stratford upon Avon expat Luke Simkin told the Olive Press.

Calvia has officially banned the E-Bikes and Segways, except for police use, as they are endangering pedestrians along with those on the bikes.

Mayor Alfonso Rodríguez Badal has stressed their danger, not only on the path but the road as well.

Cort, the Palma Counsel, is also in the process of banning electric vehicles.

Except for necessities like wheelchairs, come October Segways and electric bikes of all kinds, including skates and hoverboards will be banned from everywhere except cycle paths and 30 zones.

Many more rules will come into play including age limits and helmet requirements.

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