MORE than 1,000 tonnes of wet wipes are clogging up Palma’s sewers each year, it has been revealed.

WIPE OUT: Palma residents urged not to throw non-biodegradable waste down toilet

Non-biodegradable material flushed down toilets causes seven out of ten blockages with the problem getting worse, water treatment body Emaya have said.

An Emaya spokesperson said its workers were removing mountains of debris from the city’s sewers and has warned residents not to throw wet wipes down the loo.

“There is an increase in problems in pipes and waste-water treatment plants, caused by non-degradable solid waste thrown into the sewer,” she said.

“The main cause is wet wipes and toilet rolls that are flushed down the toilet.”

Tampons were another cause of blockages with local residents forced to bear the cost of removing the waste.

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