The new blocks in Malaga

PEDESTRIAN entrances to Malaga city centre have had road blocks installed in a bid to prevent terror attacks similar to those witnessed in Barcelona this year.

The large bollards make it impossible for a car or van to drive onto pedestrian areas, where thousands are expected to gather to witness the turning on of the city’s famous Christmas lights.

But security councillor Mario Cortés said the obstacles will remain fixed all year, not only during the Christmas season.

The objective is to increase the level of security in the streets of the historic center, taking into account the level 4 terrorist alert and recommendations from the Interior Ministry.

The white and red painted obstacles are concrete pivots more than one meter high.

There will also be an increased police presence while sixteen CCTV cameras are in full operation.

Police will have a fixed checkpoint in the Plaza de la Constitucion and will be supported by an increase in patrol cars.


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