SOME 23 Junta politicians are being investigated as part of the training courses scandal. 

The training courses scandal saw Junta money, destined for courses to help people get employment, line the pockets of corrupt politicians.

Around €11.9 million has been recovered out of an estimated €149 million that is thought to have been stolen.

It comes after the Anti-corruption Prosecutor’s Office concluded that the Andalucia Foundation for Training and Employment made more than 8,000 ‘irregular contracts’ amounting to at least €9.4 million.

Among the 23 to be investigated are the former socialist mayor of Sevilla town Lebrija Antonio Torres Garcia and the former director of FAFFE Fernando Jose Villen Rueda.

Reuda has been ordered to provide authorities with ‘the email logs’ of the Faffe Foundation and give the Guardia Civil the organisation’s full financial records, including all expenses and payments.

The implicated will appear before judge María Núñez Bolaños in February 2018.


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