SICK: German shepherd had to be put down

GUARDIA Civil cops have freed 38 dogs found living in extremely poor and cruel conditions in three separate raids. 

In one raid in Benajarafe, a German shepherd was found to be so weak and thin it could no longer move, and was covered in open and infected wounds filled with maggots.

The eight-year-old dog was also covered in ticks, flies and worms and was found lying in its own urine and excrement.

It is thought to have been suffering in extreme pain for 15 days.

It was taken to a nearby vets where it was put down.

In Torrox, some 30 dogs were found living in squalor in a farmhouse.

All had symptoms of being abandoned by their owner.

Another raid of a farm in Torrox located seven dogs who were trapped in two enclosures covered in their own excrement and showing clear signs of abandonment.

Two dogs found wandering around the farm had severe signs of malnutrition while one had had its leg cut off by someone who was not a vet.

Three people have been arrested in connection with all three cases and have been charged with animal abandonment.




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