JAILED: Franco’s eldest grandson

GENERAL Franco’s eldest grandson has been sentenced to 30 months jail for deliberately crashing into a police car.

Francisco Franco Martinez-Bordiu, 63, was sentenced to 18 months for aggravated assault and 12 months for dangerous driving by a court in Teruel yesterday.

The eldest grandson of Spain’s last dictator has also been ordered to pay €1,500 in damages to one of the police officers who was injured and a further €2,720 to the Guardia Civil for their damaged vehicle.

Franco in his days as Spain’s dictator

Police say the Martinez-Bordiu was driving near Calamocha on the night of April 30 2012 without any lights on.


When they attempted to pull him over he sped off and drove through several stop signs before crashing into a patrol car, running it off the road.

Martínez-Bordiú had denied being in the vehicle when he appeared in court in 2014.

His lawyer told reporters he had loaned his car to a former Romanian employee who ‘probably’ no longer lived in Spain.


It comes after his younger brother Jaime Martínez-Bordiú was given a one-year suspended sentence in 2009 for beating up his girlfriend at a hotel on the Costa del Sol.

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