A WHOPPING 85% of Spanish voters want Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to hand over his leadership to someone else.

A poll by Metroscopia also found 62% of people who voted for him think ‘his time is over’.


The 62-year-old has been in politics for nearly forty years and is the most veteran of Spain’s political leaders.

He is the only one who is still the head of his party after all other groups – including the monarchy – have renewed their leadership.


The drop in support comes after the December 2015 election yielded a hung parliament and before another vote in June 2016 saw the PP narrowly form a minority government.

The economic crisis, several corruption cases and the Catalunya crisis have all played a part in eroding his popularity.

While the next general election is not until 2020, a recent opinion poll showed Ciudadanos would win if an election was held today, with 28.3% support from Spanish voters, compared with 21.9% for Rajoy’s PP.

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