THE Mallorca Saxophone Festival is celebrating their ten year anniversary through March 28, with free concerts across is the island.

This year the festival has produced the most international festival in the ten year history, with 105 musicians from 21 different nationalities.

The events consist of 38 concerts, 17 conferences and 13 workshops spread out over six locations.

Two of the guest saxophonists that stand out are the Japanese Ryo Noda and the Cuban Cesar López, considered the greatest musicals worldwide in their respective specialities.

Workshops mix the saxophone with topics such has yoga, modern DJ and club music, jazz and other unique combinations.

Free evening concerts will take place around Palma including in the Hotel Saratoga, and the Palma Music Conservatory.

A novelty this year is the addition of a saxophone and DJ concert every Friday night at the San Juan food market near Cineciutat, with DJ’s Kiko Navarro and Pepe Link.

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