WATCH: Prime suspect in Gabriel Ruiz case talked to news reporter during 700-strong search before his body was found in her car


THIS is the moment Ana Julia Quezada spoke to a news reporter while some 700 volunteers searched for her missing stepson. 

The clip shows the now main suspect interrupt the father of Gabriel during a live TV interview.

She tells a strange story about how her and the boy’s grandmother had recently told him to run if a stranger approaches him.

On March 1 she explained to a reporter from TVE’s La Mañana that they had taught the boy to shout if a stranger approached him.

“That morning we were having breakfast and the conversation came about, we said, ‘If you see a stranger run, do not stop.’ And look, the child disappeared that same day,” she assured the television programme.

Quezada gave details about the minor’s personality, denying the possibility that he had left home on his own willingly.

“Gabriel would not just leave, he would not leave, he would leave home for half an hour and come back, tell him one hour and come back,” said the now-detained woman.

The investigation continues.

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