A LEADING Spanish chef has defended the high price of his food.

Albert Adria, 48, whose one Michelin star restaurant is believed to be the most expensive in Spain at €220 a head, insisted it was no more expensive that a concert ticket.

“People don’t think twice to pay the same price to see Bruce Springsteen,” he said of the cost at his Barcelona eaterie Enigma.

The brother of Spain’s famous Ferran Adria, insisted: “At €220 it is not cheap, but for what we do it is a fair price. It is a place to eat once a year.”

Recognized as among the world’s most influential people in the world of gastronomy by TIME magazine, he prides himself on sourcing local ingredients.

He said: “First I buy from my street, then my neighbourhood and we create 300 to 400 new recipes a year.”

He worked at his brother’s famous El Bulli restaurant for two years, and also had stints at the famous three Michelin star Fat Duck in the UK.


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