RESIDENTS are demanding action after a spate of shootings left three cats dead and at least three seriously injured.

Police are now probing the shootings in Puerto Pollenca, which come amid other reports of cats being run over or poisoned in the area.

Animal rights groups have now urged the authorities to take the vile attacks seriously and to work in tandem to control the cat population.

It comes after Louisa Copa, of Cat Protection Pollensa, found three cats shot and others missing at the El Vila colony.

Copa, who looks after five local colonies of wildcats, found one-year-old Ella slumped over a wall, and rushed her to a nearby vet.

It emerged that Ella had been shot with pellets, some becoming wedged in her chest.

Ella survived with vets telling Louisa she had found her in the nick of time.

After ten days in intensive care the charity is now fundraising to pay for her treatment.

Louisa however also found two other cats shot dead, both being shot in the face, while another three are missing, presumed dead.

The horrendous incident comes after another volunteer witnessed two cats being run over in Soller by a man who had previously threatened he would get rid of a local colony.

“I really do not know who or why people would do this cruel act to such intelligent and loving animals,” Copa told the Olive Press.

Animal rights groups do admit that it is a constant battle to control Mallorca’s feral cat population from negatively impacting life on the island.

However, as explained by Maxi Lange of BALDEA, a federation of animal protection associations, the solution is neutering cats not killing them.

This can only be effective, she explains, through collaboration between animal rights groups, the police, town halls and local politicians.

The police confirmed to the Olive Press that an investigation into the shootings is underway.

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