THE driver of a Porsche Cayenne who ran over nine German cyclists – killing one – has three times been caught for taking drugs before.

The 28-year-old Spaniard – who tested positive for marijuana, after running into the cyclists in the Capdepera area – was caught drug driving in 2015, it has been revealed.

Named as Anais Marco, she was also arrested the following year as part of a clamp down, known as Operation Formosa, on drug-taking on the island.

She was one of 19 people charged in the Llevant area, after 2.5kilos of cocaine, four kilos of MDMA, 300 grams of speed and 300 marijuana plants were seized.

The resident of Arta has now been charged with reckless homicide, after her car careered into the group of cyclists killing Christoph Bohnen, 47, from Bavaria.

The father-of-two died after being rushed to hospital with multiple organ failure.

Two more of his fellow group of cyclists remain in serious condition in hospital, while six others had minor injuries.

While Anais told a local paper she was not driving under the influence at the time of the accident, she tested positive at the roadside.

She also denied she was coming back from a late night party, and insisted the cyclists drove into her.

“I’m not a drug addict who goes out on the road to kill eight people,” the young woman told the Diario de Mallorca.

According to Anais, she was coming back from a nearby cleaning job.

She said: “When I was going to overtake, they were two in two, but suddenly four went in parallel, occupying almost the entire lane.

“Suddenly I see that I am on top of the cyclists and hit the brakes”.

She later told a different newspaper that the sun had blinded her, and when she went to put her visor down she hit a cyclist.

However, this account has been described as ‘bad taste’ by a local amateur cyclist who believes it would have been impossible to have been blinded by the sun on that specific road and that she must not be telling the truth.

“The sun rises from the east,” he told the press.

“The sun was on the nape at the time of the accident.

“I’m from there, I’m a cyclist and I’ve gone through the place in question – the road is wide and there is one hundred percent visibility.”

Seven ambulances were called out to the wreckage, and victims were transferred to three different hospitals.

The courts have refused to give her bail, while she awaits trial.

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