THREE Albanians have been arrested on suspicion of robbing at least 26 homes in Marbella and Malaga. 

All the alleged robberies were committed at dawn, and in many cases while the families were asleep in their beds.

Once inside, the accused, aged between 24 and 39, stole jewelry and cash before making off in the victims’ cars.

The investigation began in Malaga on April 14, following a robbery in Miraflores del Palo.

The robbers met at the property at dawn and forced one of the windows open before snatching cash and other items before stealing the car in the garage.

The agents found a series of robberies in single-family homes in Marbella with the same modus operandi and, in all cases, the chosen homes were family-chalets or semi-detached houses and apartments in low-rise private developments.

Investigators soon discovered a criminal network of Albanians based in Benalmádena.

They managed to locate the house in which the members of the network stayed before committing their next robbery.

The burgling trio were cuffed when they returned home after committing three robberies in other homes in Marbella.

The three men were arrested for illegal possession of weapons, motor vehicle theft, robbery with force and belonging to a criminal group.

Some €5,300 euros in cash and three firearms were found in the Benalmadena home.

They have been placed in prison until their trial.

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