A EUROPE-wide search is underway for a British six-year-old who is feared to have been abducted by his mother before being flown to eastern Europe. 

David Thompson vanished from La Antilla on the Costa de la Luz on Friday while visiting his mum there.

Dad Davy, 38, reported him missing on Monday, claiming his ‘aggressive’ mother may have taken him.

Davy Thompson padre del menor presuntamente secuestrado

Davy Thompson, el padre del menor de #Lepe presuntamente secuestrado, nos cuenta cómo están transcurriendo los días tras la desaparición de su hijo. Más información ? https://huelvacosta.com/un-padre-denuncia-en-lepe-el-secuestro-de-un-hijo-de-6-anos-por-su-madre/

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The 48 year old, from Poland, named as Mirka, has not been heard from since she took David for a visitation weekend.

Davy, from East London, told the Sun Online: “My ex is an aggressive woman. She’s never hurt my son but he has talked about incidents in which she has banged her fists on the table and kicked doors.

“I don’t talk to her anymore because all I get from her are insults. We don’t have a good relationship”.


DAD: Davy Thompson

A local court has asked Interpol for help in tracking the pair down.

David’s mum is feared to have headed back to Poland or flown to London.

Thompson is believed to have recently been awarded full custody of the boy.

Police chief Ezequiel Romero said: “The boy’s father has reported him missing.

“We’re talking about a British man who says the boy’s mum should have returned him and hasn’t.

Costa de la Luz

“The mum is Polish and she appears to have had her phone switched off now for more than 24 hours.

“Given the possibility she could have taken the child, we are investigating and are trying to establish hers and the child’s whereabouts.”

He added: “We never rule out any possibilities.

“In principle it appears to be a family problem between the mum and dad but obviously we can never rule out anything.”

Thompson said: “I’m very worried. His mum had visiting rights from Friday to Sunday but on Sunday she didn’t return my son and I reported him missing to the police.

“His mum is not at home, her car’s not there, she’s not answering her phone and he’s not going to school.

“I’ve no idea where he is.”

Speaking outside a local court on Tuesday, he said: “It’s possible she could have taken him to Poland.”

He added today: “Her visitation rights were an hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays and every other weekend.

La Antilla

“I knew something was wrong the moment she didn’t return Davy at the time she should have and went to the police straightaway.

“My dad David doesn’t know yet. He’s elderly and I didn’t want to worry him but now the news is coming out in the UK I will be letting him know”.

Juan Carlos Gomez, representing expat dad Davy, said the mother had previously ‘falsely accused’ the dad of domestic violence.

He was later acquitted of the charges.

Gomez also said the mum took the tot to Poland last summer without the father’s permission.

He said: “Her phone is constantly switched off. We suspect she has taken the child.

“We hope the work being done by the police and the courts to find them is accelerated because time is of the essence.”

He added today: “David and the mum are still missing.

“She’s a seasonal worker who works on farms. She was supposed to return the youngster on Sunday but didn’t.

“Davy’s son was born in Spain and as far as I know he doesn’t have a passport.

“We understand his mum took him to Poland last year without the dad’s consent which could mean she could have obtained a passport for the boy without his knowledge.

“I’m not aware at this stage that an international arrest warrant has been issued for her but the police are obviously looking for her and the youngster as a matter of urgency.”

A European Arrest Warrant will likely be issued today if the child is not heard from.


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