VILE: Cockroaches

THERE will be a lot more cockroaches in Spain this summer, a health body has warned.

The National Association of Environmental Health Companies (ANECPLA) said in a statement that there was a ‘very high’ risk of a steep rise in the bug in the coming months.

It blamed the predicted proliferation on a combination of heavy rains throughout the spring and the steep increase in temperatures forecast in the summer.

The heat and humidity cause the insects to ‘leave their natural habitat’ to find ‘new shelters with water, food and an optimum temperature’.

That means they’ll be invading – or at least attempting to invade – homes and restaurants.

The vile bugs can contaminate food and bring the risk of infections like dysentery or salmonella poisoning.

ANECPLA said cockroaches are more nocturnal but are often seen during the day ‘when the population is very high or they need food’.

As a preventative measure, the health body recommends hiding any sources of water or food that could attract cockroaches.

Homes or establishments should also have good ventilation and cover up cracks in the wall or floors.

If they are detected, it is best to call a professional pest control company.


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