ONE of Spain’s most dangerous terrorists is facing a seven-year sentence after being arrested on the Costa del Sol. 

Ahmed Samsam, 29, was previously convicted in Denmark for drug trafficking, assault and robbery, among other crimes.

He fled to Syria in 2012 to join ISIS, where he joined his brother Hamza and trained with the terrorist group for three years.

According to intelligence sources, he took part in the taking of Raqqa airport in the summer of 2014 as well as the beheading of 87 Syrian army soldiers at Base 17.

He was then sent to Europe to help fund the sick death cult and acquire arms for its terrorist activity.

Ahmed Samsam

Samsam was picked up in a Benahavis hotel on June 30 last year, accused of promoting terrorism and recruiting jihadists.

The prosecution is seeking seven years in prison and six years of probation.

During his three-week stint on the Costa del Sol, Samsam changed his hotel nine times while shopping for weapons and bulletproof vests.

According to investigators, despite being an ‘absolute follower’ of ISIS – he spent huge amounts of money, drank alcohol, enjoyed drugs and had sex with several prostitutes.

All the while he was using social media in an attempt to recruit so-called ‘foot soldiers’ or ‘lone wolves’ to carry out attacks in Spain and Europe.

He used sites like Youtube to spread beheading videos and highly graphic propaganda videos.

The trial starts in Madrid tomorrow.

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