Acklom with wife Yolanda Ros. Photo. Copyright The Olive Press

THE UK’s most wanted conman has been arrested in a dramatic raid after being on the run for two years.

Mark Acklom, 45, was busted at his hideout in an apartment in Switzerland which he was sharing with his Spanish wife and two children.

Acklom is wanted for allegedly defrauding a British woman of £850,000 after posing as an MI6 agent and promising to marry her.

Detectives thought he might have still been hiding out in Spain – where he had many links, including a Marbella resident he had conned.

An Olive Press investigation revealed he also had several ties to the Murcia region.

EXPOSED: Acklom in Spain. Photo, copyright the Olive Press

Following a tip-off that he was still involved with his Spanish wife Maria Yolanda Ros Rodriguez, we linked her to a new real estate company in the centre of Murcia last year.

Registered under the name of Yolanda Ros – adopting her hubby’s trick of mixing up her name – Ross Luxury Estate Agents was set up in April 2017.

Witnesses said they were staying at a rented property in the La Manga around September of last year before vanishing.

Acklom was arrested in the lakeside Swiss town of Wadenswil, a 20-minute drive from Zurich.

Reports say he tried to jump off the balcony as police stormed in.

He had changed his look again, opting for a beard and long hair.


The European Arrest Warrant does not apply in non-EU Switzerland so Acklom will be dealt with under an existing extradition treaty.

He is expected in court this week where he can fight a return to the UK.


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