THE youngest member of the infamous ‘Wolf Pack’, charged with sexual abuse of a woman in Pamplona, was arrested for shoplifting a pair of Oakley sunglasses from El Corte Inglés in Sevilla on Wednesday.

According to a police statement, 26-year-old Ángel Boza was caught by security guards and chased to a car park.

REPEAT OFFENDER: Boza with police

In Boza’s rush to escape, he rammed his car against two security guards, who needed medical assistance.

This comes after the lesser charge for the members of the ‘Wolf Pack’ was delivered, from rape to sexual abuse, which sparked national outrage and protests

Boza has consequently been charged with theft and assault. A potential conviction in this case would not, according to his lawyer, affect the sexual assault case.

He has just recovered his driving license, which was confiscated, after completing the necessary requirements on crimes against road safety, according to El Mundo.

A repeat offender, Boza has stolen sunglasses before in 2016, just mere hours before the ‘Wolf Pack’ attacked the 18-year-old girl.

The arrest comes just a month after another member of the ‘Wolf Pack’, Antonio Manuel Guerrero, was caught trying to get a new passport

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