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Iberian wolf population in Spain Surges by 26% since 2014, recent study reveals, alongside increase in livestock attacks

SPAIN'S Iberian wolf population has undergone a significant 26% increase since 2014, as reported in a recent study. The study, conducted by the Artemisan Foundation,...

Member of notorious ‘wolfpack’ gang of rapists will not get reduced sentence under Spain’s new ‘only yes means yes’...

ONE OF the members of the notorious ‘wolfpack’ gang, responsible for the rape of a young woman at the Running of the Bulls fiestas...

Lawyer for member of ‘wolfpack’ gang of convicted rapists to request lower sentence for client under ‘only yes means...

THE LAWYER for a member of the notorious ‘wolfpack’ gang, five men who were convicted for a 2016 rape at the Running of the...

Explainer: Why Spain’s ‘only yes means yes’ consent law is seeing convicted sex abusers freed from jail

THIS week it emerged that Spain’s new ‘only yes means yes’ law, which is aimed at putting consent at the centre of sexual abuse...

Wolf hunting to be banned throughout Spain in ‘historic win’ for conservationists

THE Iberian wolf has been classed as a protected species by the Spanish Government, making it illegal to hunt the animal nationwide. Spain’s Environment Ministry has ruled...

Judges in Spain let ‘Wolf Pack rapists’ roam free after delaying 9-year sentence for brutal sex attack

THE infamous gang behind the sex attack that rocked Spain has been spared prison. Three of Spain's top judges made the ruling after the five...

Wolf Pack’s youngest member arrested for shoplifting in Spain

It comes after nationwide protests due to the gang's lesser charge of sexual abuse

How Spain’s Wolf Pack rape case opened old wounds in a country struggling to shake off its ‘machismo’ image

IT was the trial that became a flashpoint for Spain’s gender-violence crisis. Five men, including a police officer, stood accused of raping an 18-year-old girl...

Spain’s San Fermin bull running festival gets underway

Pamplona town hall has been fighting to reassure women that the festival is safe to attend

‘Wolf Pack’ sexual abuser in Spain caught trying to get new passport

It comes days after he was forced to hand over his documents as a condition for being released from prison

#CUÉNTALO: How women in Spain are showing solidarity with victim of ‘wolf pack’ gang rape

The Spanish #MeToo movement is sweeping social media after last week’s controversial ruling, which cleared five men accused of gang raping an 18-year-old girl during San Fermin festival in 2016




Guardia Civil arrests six, seizes more than two tonnes of hash, as part of ongoing drugs war on Spain’s...

THE Spanish Civil Guard has made six arrests in recent days, as part of the country’s ongoing war with drug gangs on the southern...


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