SPITTING fury, this is the moment a ‘hangry’ woman was kicked out of a kebab shop after she pulled a knife on restaurant staff who told her it was closed.

The unnamed attacker wouldn’t take no for an answer when she requested the fast-food favourite at 1:50am last week.

The women allegedly ‘turned aggressive’ after the owner of Didar Doner Kebab in Las Lagunas, Mijas, told the woman they had stopped serving.

“She started going crazy and telling us we could make her a kebab from what was left over,” a waiter told the Olive Press, asking to remain anonymous.

When they refused, the woman, believed to be Moroccan, allegedly ran into the kitchen and grabbed a knife and scissors before physically threatening the owner.

“She just lost it, she said she was going to cut off the owner and his wife’s fingers,” the employee added.

While local police were quickly on the scene, it didn’t stop the owner having to wrestle her to the ground until she dropped the weapons.

The attacker even allegedly grabbed the owner’s wife’s neck but let her go once hearing the cops had been called.

In footage obtained exclusively by the Olive Press, the suspect can be seen screaming in an employee’s face before shoving her and walking off.

She was arrested nearby before being handed over to Guardia Civil.