IN THE DOCK: Patrick Nogueira

A BRAZILIAN man on trial for butchering his family ‘took selfies with their dismembered bodies’, a witness has claimed.

Patrick Nogueira, from Brazil, allegedly took the sick photos after murdering his aunt, uncle and two young cousins and chopping them up and putting them into plastic bin bags.

The witness, who gave evidence at the trial in Guadalajara, near Madrid, said he saw the photos on Nogueira’s phone.

The name of the witness and how he saw the photos has not been made clear.

EVIL: Killer Patrick Nogueira

Nogueira, who was 19 at the time of the 2016 killings, has acknowledged killing his relatives, but argues he is mentally disturbed and suffers from alcoholism.

Experts are testifying today on his mental health.

Nogueira is accused of stabbing his four relatives to death at their home near Madrid and is looking at decades behind bars if convicted.

His aunt and uncle were in their early forties and his cousins were just one and four years old.

While Nogueira claims he is mentally disturbed, prosecutors argue he is a psychopath and that his actions showed premeditation.

They argue that the Nogueira took the bin bags with him to the house, suggesting he had planned to kill his family before arriving.

They also say the teen at the time sent another friend from Brazil several Whatsapp messages about the gruesome murders and photos of the bodies during and after the killings.

He then, according to prosecutors, tried to cover up the crime by chopping up his aunt and uncle with tree-pruning shears.

It wasn’t until a month later that neighbours complained of a stench coming from the home, where cops would discover the bodies.

Nogueira was arrested in October 2016 after arriving in the country earlier that year.

The trial continues.

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