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What a happy start to the New Year!

Maxima 1 Legal S.L. (M1 Legal) are pleased to advise all their clients that they are now regulated by the Claims Management Regulator in respect of regulated claims management activities.
This means that they can now take legal action on behalf of consumers against financial institutions such as banks and credit card companies for misrepresentation and unregulated lending which can potentially win huge compensation payouts for their clients.
This will be another side to their business which will be given a strong focus over the coming months under the branding of Bank Reclaims. Watch this space.

The battle continues against timeshare Resorts
M1 Legal currently have 470 cases in the courts and 245 are being prepared for submission. Furthermore, cases won on appeals are now being fast-tracked through the lower courts.


Following on from the last article M1 legal are happy to report further victories, finishing 2018 on an all-time high!

1: Anfi – A triple Win!
Total Awarded £55,884
In the first case against Anfi, the clients were awarded £21,430 for the reason that the contract did not comply with minimum legal requirements.
The second case was awarded £16,066 plus an extra £1960 due to having been paid the deposit within the initial cooling off period. It was also noted that the contract did not have an end date (i.e. in perpetuity).
The third case was awarded £6828 plus an extra £9600 for having paid the full purchase price within the cooling off period. The contract was also in perpetuity and did not comply with minimum legal requirements.
In all 3 cases, the judge ruled that the contracts be deemed null and void and ordered the above payouts.

2: Silverpoint – A Double Win!
Total Awarded £41,961
In both cases, the judge decided that the contracts with Silverpoint were illegal based on the grounds they were signed in perpetuity (no end date). They also did not meet the minimum legal requirements and both contracts were deemed null and void.

3: Airtours
Total awarded £15,122
Our legal partners at M1 legal were also victorious against Airtours (Anfinpan S.L.). Again it was revealed the contract had no end date and did not comply with the legal minimum requirements. The judge declared the contract null and void and ordered the payout.

Total Victories Achieved 2018: 46
Total Amount Awarded to Clients 2018: £1.1 million


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