IN the final council meeting of the year the ‘communist councillor’, rather unfortunately, cited a 14th century poem which used the words ‘perro judio’, or Jewish Dogs, but has the feeling of ‘dirty Jews’.

Quite unaware of his outstanding gaff he was reminded by the leader of the opposition, Angel Nozal, that this kind of language did not belong in a council meeting in the 21st century.

angel nozal
CHANGE FOR MIJAS: Politician Angel Nozal

Sr Curro, the said councillor, affectionately known in Mijas as Curro 42K for the salary which he draws for doing nothing, decided that attack was the best form of defence, and claimed in an article that Nozal was an unread, fanatical opportunist who should keep his snake tongue in his mouth. He did add that he was merely quoting and didn’t mean to insult anyone – ‘dirty Jews’ clearly is not an insult in his intellectual, well-read world.

So, Happy New Year! 2019 will be a busy New Year, at least for the first five months, as political parties everywhere prepare for the local elections on May 26. Here in Mijas, we have been working hard to facilitate the process of internationals registering to vote, although it has been a little like trying to bail out a boat with a hole in the bottom. As people were registering, names were being removed from the municipal register, and of course the voter’s roll, due to expired passports or inability to establish residence at the given address.

My advice, if you have any doubt, is to check both your padrón and voter’s roll registration before January 30 2019.

So, what are my desires for this year? Well, of course, good health as nothing makes sense without it. Happiness: Max Ehrmann, the writer of the Desiderata, also wrote, ‘impose upon yourself the task of happiness’. It is a state of mind, not just based on circumstances, but a belief that ‘with all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world’. Prosperity: I have never been driven my money, but fortunately have always made enough to at least scrape by. It is my hope that in 2019 fewer people will struggle to make a living wage.

My desire for the place where I live, Mijas, will come as little or no surprise to many of you. I want Mijas to become the crown jewel of the Costa del Sol. I want to see Mijas clean and cared for. I want people without financial resources to be supported, I want to see a public residence for the elderly, 24 hour health care, and a hospital for the more than 150,000 people who live in Mijas and Fuengirola.

I want to see order and common sense in local government. That is why I will be working to ensure Angel Nozal returns to his rightful place as Mayor of Mijas.

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