DEATH: Five dogs have been poisoned and one has died in la Campana

A DOG has died and four more poisoned in Marbella, as fears grow that the pet poisoner has returned.

Owners have now been warned not to walk their dogs in La Campana.

Borja, a vet at UrVet clinic in Marbella, raised the alarm over the shocking events.

The medical expert claimed the five dogs, which he treated, were ‘the same as last year’.

He referred to the mysterious deaths of 15 poisoned dogs in Nueva Andalucia in October 2017.

He added that inhaling the substance ‘can cause death,’ but could not identify what it was.

A woman posted on Facebook to say that her dog had died in the area.

In the meantime, Borja warned that small children should not enter the area until it had rained and the substance was washed away.

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