A MAN in Gibraltar found guilty of murdering his wife stabbed himself, according to a forensic pathologist.

Dr Brett Lockyer said, in the Supreme Court, that the wounds of Real Lishman, 43, who is accused of murdering Carolina Lishman, 32, were ‘self-inflicted’.

Carolina was murdered at her home in Sir William Jackson Grove in 2017, the first murder on the Rock since 2015.

ACCUSED: Real Lishman is on trial at Gibraltar Supreme Court for allegedly murdering his wife

The Home Office doctor said he had heard Lishman’s daughter say, ‘daddy stabbed mummy, then daddy stabbed himself’.

The six-year-old ran from the house ‘covered in blood’ and ‘crying hysterically,’ following the incident, the court heard.

More evidence given by Lishman’s daughter was read out in court: “I tried to stop daddy from stabbing himself.

“Blood got on top of me and mummy is in the kitchen.

“Daddy was stabbing himself, mummy on the floor, daddy on the floor.”

MURDER SCENE: Apricot Court where Carolina lived

Lockyer said that Lishman’s wounds would have been ‘more widespread’ if they were made by someone else.

He also spoke about the 12 wounds found on Carolina Lishman’s body including one through her breastbone into her heart that ‘would have been fatal on its own’.

More wounds on her forearms and back indicated that she tried to ‘block’ an attack, he added.

Real Lishman will be sentenced on April 15, with the judge pointing to the likelihood of a life sentence.

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