CUT OFF: It is unclear if doctors managed to reattach the penis

A MAN with his penis cut off has been picked up by police wandering around after putting the severed member in a shopping bag.

The 33-year-old stumbled around the centre of Zaragoza on Friday evening covered in blood, before police heard his cries for help.

He told police the amputation was self-inflicted and that his private part was in a bag at home.

Police then rushed to the man’s address to locate the bag and managed to collect the severed penis.

The man has been rushed to the Hospital Miguel Servet but it is not known if doctors managed to reattach it.

TRAUMA: Ambulance outside the Hospital Miguel Servet

An investigation has been started to confirm that no other parties were involved in the incident.

The man’s claims have led psychiatrists to believe the wound was a case of self-harm or related to drug taking.

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