PACKED: Streets of London today (courtesy of Daniel Carry)

MORE than a million people attended an anti-Brexit march in London today, organisers have claimed. 

The streets of the UK capital were flooded with demonstrators demanding another vote on the UK’s departure from the EU. 

According to the People’s Vote campaign, which organised the rally, ‘far more’ than a million people turned out, making it ‘one of the biggest protests in British history’. 

Around 100 British residents based in Spain flew back for the march, which saw speeches from several politicians. 

Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson accused Theresa May of ‘plunging the country into chaos’, urging her to ‘let the people take control’. 

Unless her deal is passed by MPs, the UK will have to come up with an alternative plan or else face leaving without a deal on April 12.

It comes after the embattled leader wrote to all MPs on Friday saying she will ditch plans to put the deal to another so-called meaningful vote if not enough MPs support it.


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