SPAIN is cracking down on drivers who use their mobile phones while driving during Holy Week. 

Starting today, eight drones have taken to the sky which are capable of photographing offenders caught checking their device while at the wheel. 

The high-tech strategy is part of a crackdown on dangerous driving habits during a period which will see 9.1 million car journeys across the country. 

Until April 22, there will be 400 extra traffico police on the roads with an additional 216 cameras and 264 camouflaged police vehicles.

Some 10 helicopters will also join in the crackdown. 

The unmanned aircraft can fly up to 120 metres into the air and can hone in on drivers up to 2km away. 

They are able to report and record all types of infractions, including the use of mobile phones. 

There will be a team of 30 pilots and 11 camera operators looking out for offenders in real time from the DGT headquarters. 

Common infractions like using a mobile or not wearing a seatbelt are punishable with by a €200 fine and a loss of three points on your licence. 

It comes after 31 people died and another 159 were seriously injured during Holy Week last year.

In 2017, distraction was the leading cause of fatal accidents on the road by 33%, ahead of speeding (29%) and alcohol (26%).

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